Hackerspaces Xchange is now open for business!

Strages | Posted 2009.12.15 at 2:09 am | Perma

In an effort to kickstart more cooperation between spaces, the Hackerspaces Xchange is now open!  It’s rather sparse at the moment, but I’m hoping you all can help change that and move hackerspace cooperation to the next level.  How to use it is simple.  Just add a picture/video of what your space is wanting to swap/share with other spaces and remove the image/video when it’s been exchanged.  Pretty simple right?  So get to helping out other spaces!

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  1. Confusion Research Center is a hackerspace cum hands-on science technology museum that hopes to work with others to develop content and programs. Please visit our site for more information.

    James Choate, December 31, 2009