Fundraising ideas? We got them!

Jocognito from the c-base has put together a great series of videos covering the Power to the People auction during the 25C3. Check them all (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) out for some ideas on how to run your own geek auction. If you’re going to be around Cologne this up coming weekend, odds are very good we’ll be doing another geek auction to raise money for local hackerspaces at SIGINT.

As we enter more challenging times and address a need to help fund budding hackerspaces, we want to hear your ideas and experiences with fundraising! Have you run or wanted to run your own geek auction? Seen events run by other charities that you think might work well in the hackerspaces realm? What should we try that hasn’t been done yet? Post your ideas on the wiki or leave a comment!

Going Once…… Going Twice……


Power To The People auction. by Yarnivore

Still catching up on the backlog of awesome that happened during 25C3 we take a brief look back to the night of the 29th of December.

Hackers from around the world attended the Power To The People auction to help support the inspiration for many of the current hackerspaces in the world c-base with a looming refactored power bill.

If anyone needs a short piece of inspiration to either come to see c-base or create their own hackerspace, our very own Nick Farr opened up the auction with a very touching explanation of c-base and the short history he has had with the reconstruction crew.

So when all was said and done, the auction pulled in a spectacular 1761.60 EUR plus an extra 304.50 EUR from the foodhacking workshop down by Marc Powell (which is a post for another time) for the c-base!

Till next time,