Synchronous Hackathons’ ARE GO!

Synchronous Hackathons’ ARE GO!

Every 3rd Weekend of the month starting NOW!

Now a quick history lesson. Back in August of this year a few members of Pumping Station: One decided to put on a event that was an all night project frenzy dubbed Hackathon, now it looks like a number of hackerspaces worldwide have joined into the fray.We are currently calling this the Synchronous Hackathon. Which has become a monthly event on the 3rd weekend of every month. Of the people and hackerspaces currently involved they are providing live video feeds into their spaces to show what is going on for the entire weekend also in a direct effort to cross collaborate on a number of projects.

Now for the longer history lesson. Pumping Station: One didn’t create the Hackathon nor did they start this fire, nor is it a new idea, nor is the wiki article I just linked definitive, but the sentiments are still the same. Come in for a period of time, with a project, and/or the intention to join a project and complete it.

Some projects of course are started can’t be completed in the allotted time but are given a great start which is also great because they are so large. Doesn’t matter though. The point is to DO IT!

What can you expect from the hackathon, I’ll list what we’re doing for the PS:One Hackathon: Feel The Noise Edition Our noisy Hackathon of the month.


PS:One Hackathon: Feel The Noise Edition


DJ’s spinning fresh beats on two turn tables.


Power tools Galore

Coding – In all it’s beautiful technicolor emacs/vim/nano highlighting beauty



Noise Noise Noise(The beautiful kind) 😉 Remember this is Hackathon: Feel The Noise Edition

Academic Research in all fields (Yes I’m looking at you chemistry and bioinformatics people) 😉
2D/3D Animation

3d Prototyping and Digital Printing

Coding – I had to repeat myself (Yes there will be lots of this also)

Tricked out Bicycles (Maybe even some of the motorized variety)


We may also treated to some very interesting visuals.


So if that sounds like fun in a hand basket full of goodies, you might want to drop by your local Hackerspace.



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