Hackupy.org – Hack Nights for the Occupy Movement

The Occupy Movement is an international protest movement which is primarily directed against social and economic inequality. Currently there are hundreds of groups around the world Occupying Together.

Noisebridge, a hackerspace in San Francisco, as always is open to those looking for a space to work on projects, and resources to make those projects a reality. We’ve been seeing more and more groups coming through seeking aid for things related to the Occupancy. Together we’ve built out interesting ways to recharge car and cell phone batteries, provided internet at camp, had meetings about web presence, document GA minutes and more.

We want to let the participants of the Occupy Movement know that we’re here and open to them. We’ve also started a site called hackupy.org (graciously hosted off of Hackerspaces, thanks!). Hackupy are open hack nights at hackerspaces for Occupy related projects, and the site gives a listing of spaces which provide such nights. So far hackupy has been happening at NYC: Resistor and almost 24/7 at Noisebridge, and we look forward to seeing more hackerspaces jump in and provide time to those wanting to hack for excellence!

2 thoughts on “Hackupy.org – Hack Nights for the Occupy Movement”

  1. I got a project to accomplish what your goals are… graphene made into diamond as ibm did with lasers to make processors 7nanometer gatewidth…. and extend this into a pod shaped robot like the swiss have self replacate and are group conscious… merging artificial diamonds to make nanobots that make more of there own to use excess carbons…a superconductive diamond suit could run foreverbe imbedded with tech for full submersive vr and to refrain hostilities… free labor with a dream wheaving like feature to fully upgrade society…. bots could assimilate apx 5000 of any technlogical item in existance built on nanoscales….and emulate any thing on a superconductive system…excelling human and scientiffic growth exponentially… eliminate the ability or need for wars….and ensure perfect nutrition to all….

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