Call-in 2009|04|05

Hey everyone,

Our next hackerspaces call-in will be held on the 1st Sunday of the upcoming month, as usual: April 05th, 2009.
The call-in conference opens at 02 pm PST / 05 pm EST / 10 pm UTC / 11 pm CET / @458 BMT.

All information for dial-in can be found on the general call-in page.
For giving an update about recent activities and general awesomeness at your hackerspace, please RSVP on our wiki; and probably you’d like to waste a thought on helping us with audio recordings or call-in setup!

Hope to talk to y’all soon,

One thought on “Call-in 2009|04|05”

  1. Daylight Saving Time is in effect for most of the mentioned time zones, so while the Standard Time conversion above is correct, it may be more relevant for participants to mention the corresponding Daylight Time. 10 pm UTC corresponds to 12 midnight CET, 6 pm EDT, 3 pm PDT.

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