Hackers On A Plane: Deuce – Euro/Merican Boogaloo

So hopefully some of you remember that epic adventure that was HoaP in 2007 which in turned spun up and inspired many a hacker/maker/knitter/chemical mix masters into what is now known as the hackerspace movement threading itself into the North American and now Earth culture.


A lot of people including me were disappointed that we were not able to make it on what is know known as a auspicous trip. Now with a turn of events and where fortune favors the bold, it seems that HoaP is now reborn!

As a phoenix from the ashes, Nick Farr and a few individuals have pulled some strings, made calls, kicked down doors, and overall kicked ass in pulling together HoaP 2 or as I like to call it.

“Hackers On A Plane: Deuce – Euro/Merican Boogaloo”

So here’s the skinny.

There will be three HoaP trips this year. THREE!!!!

1.5 @ ToorCamp (Seattle, WA)

Be at the first American Hacker Camp!

HoaP 1.5 to ToorCamp: June 30 – July 7, 2009: €1,057.00/person

Be part of the first crew of Europeans to experience the first ToorCamp! Join a crew leaving from Frankfurt on June 30 and returning on July 7, 2009.  For €1,057.00 you get:

  • Round trip airfare from Frankfurt, Germany to Seattle, Washington
  • Relaxation & recuperation day in Seattle on July 1
  • Transportation from Seattle to the campsite on July 2
  • Paid full admission to ToorCamp
  • Tents and sleeping bags provided all days of ToorCamp
  • Seattle tour including area hackerspaces and DIY workshops July 6-7

What’s included in this trip?

All airfare, lodging and ground transportation from the airport to the camp is provided.   This includes lodging in Seattle the evenings of July 30, July 1 and July 6.

Your admission to ToorCamp and necessary camping equipment while at ToorCamp is included.  ToorCamp is an outdoor hacker event and we do not have a permanent structure for housing guests the evening of July 2-5.  All workshops, talks, and parties are included.

You have the option of heading directly to the camp and assisting with setup, or spending the days before and after the camp touring about the great Western city of Seattle!  You can go on a tour of area hackerspaces and tech workshops, take in any of Seattle’s wonderful museums, or spend the day relaxing by Puget Sound.

You will also be recognized for your attendance at ToorCamp by the organizers, including a special limited-edition keepsake gift to remember your trip!

OK, so what’s not included?

You are responsible for your meals and sightseeing expenses and incidentals while on the trip.

You are also responsible for your transportation to and from Frankfurt, Germany.  You must be at Frankfurt Airport on June 30 at 10 AM. Once all seats have been sold and names have been confirmed, you will receive your ticket directly from the airline and can make any alternate schedule arrangement directly with them.

Food vendors will be onsite during ToorCamp, and we can make many special dining and sightseeing arrangements for you while in Seattle.  If you are especially budget conscious, we can include a pre-arranged meal package for ToorCamp for an extra $80.00.

Only 10 seats are available for this trip.  Once sold out, they’re gone!

E-mail info@hackersonaplane dot info with any questions!

ToorCamp Tickets

Or if you prefer

This is an especially limited edition trip. You will need to be in New York City on August 4 at 10 AM and you will return to New York City on August 18 by 5 PM. Because we have a group fare, we require all names to be confirmed before tickets can be issued. Please e-mail info@hackersonaplane.info with any questions.

HoaP 1.6 @ Plumbercon (Vienna, Austria)


Vienna, PlumberCon and HAR?  Golden!

Get a big dose of Viennese beauty, be a PlumberCon insider, tour the best hackerspaces in Austria and Germany AND get the HAR experience! Join the Golden Ratio Crew for all the following:

  • Round trip airfare from New York City to Vienna
  • Accomodations with Metalab members in Vienna and in the lodge at the HAR campsite (yep!  no need to camp!)
  • Paid full admission to PlumberCon and HAR
  • Hackerspaces tour from Vienna through Germany to the Netherlands
  • All HAR site HoaP 2.0 benefits!

Plumbercon/HAR Tickets

And last but not least

2.0 @ HAR (The Netherlands)


Join us as we depart from New York City and head off to experience Hacking at Random 2009. For the same price as two years ago you get:

  • Round trip airfare from New York City to Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Transportation from Dusseldorf to the HAR campsite
  • Paid full admission to HARAccommodations in an on-campsite lodge at the HAR campsite
    • Nights of August 13-16 in a permanent structure
    • Hot showers
    • Sheets and towels included
  • The opportunity to mingle with the best and brightest in the global hackerspace community

Note:  The evening of August 17 – 18 is on your own, i.e. not included in the price.  You can join a hackerspaces tour or head out to Amsterdam or do as you like!  Transportation back to Dusseldorf is not included.

You will need to be in New York City on August 12 at 10 AM and you will return to New York City on August 19 by 5 PM. Because we have a group fare, we require all names to be confirmed before tickets can be issued. Please e-mail info@hackersonaplane.info with any questions.

HAR Tickets

As many of you read this I know you can’t wait, and neither can I which is why I already snagged myself a HoaP 2 ticket.

See you in Vierhouten.