A Brave New World

bcc by night. by Bozinsky
bcc by night. by Bozinsky

We look unto the world today in many lenses. Some rose colored, some
tinted sepia, others… quite gray.

The reason I bring this up is that I recently attended the annual Chaos Communication Congress also known this year as 25C3. Here you’ll find a large presence of people holding those lenses in their sharp minds as they go through the gamut of topics such as new attack vectors in Cisco IOS routers, how to create your own rogue Certificate Authority, utilizing arduinos in interesting ways, and of course, quadrocopters.

The topic I’d like to cover here though this year is the representation of hackerspaces.org. At this conference we ran the equivalent of a workshop/embassy that would discuss the ins and outs of a hackerspace what you should expect in costs/equipment/membership role and oh so much more.
There were several events that took place including speed soldering, speed coding, and hackerspace build out workshops. Each covering the basic elements of a hackerspace in a very fun and entertaining way.


A very special note: during the event, over 10 hackerspaces posted an entry in the hackerspaces.org site, and said “Hello World” to the rest of us, showing an interesting increase during the actual hackerspaces panel talk.


With all these wonderful little pieces coming together in a big way at 25C3 I’m happy to say I’m looking through the rose tinted glasses with the wonderful year we had, and can’t wait for HAR2009 where we are planning on having a hackerspace village.

If you missed any of the talks or more specifically to the point the hackerspace panel; I’ve included the links below.

After the jump you’ll find the complete audio/video recordings of the
congress in a few formats…

Conference Recordings

and specifically, the hackerspaces panel:

Hackerspaces Panel


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