Going Once…… Going Twice……


Power To The People c-base.org auction. by Yarnivore

Still catching up on the backlog of awesome that happened during 25C3 we take a brief look back to the night of the 29th of December.

Hackers from around the world attended the Power To The People auction to help support the inspiration for many of the current hackerspaces in the world c-base with a looming refactored power bill.

If anyone needs a short piece of inspiration to either come to see c-base or create their own hackerspace, our very own Nick Farr opened up the auction with a very touching explanation of c-base and the short history he has had with the reconstruction crew.

So when all was said and done, the auction pulled in a spectacular 1761.60 EUR plus an extra 304.50 EUR from the foodhacking workshop down by Marc Powell (which is a post for another time) for the c-base!

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Drei…. Zwei… Eins…. BLAST OFF!!!!

Were the words spoken by over two dozen people who made it to the Feuerwerkskörperkontrollkästchen Party for New Years at c-base. Where a salvo of fireworks just screeched up into the sky celebrating the new year to everyone and welcoming a new year of collaboration in hackerspaces everywhere!

Rewind back to less than 24 hours previously a metal box with buttons lay on a table with no innards. A very sad sight to see when a project has been left on the table. It was originally destined to set off a salvo of fireworks at the c-base reconstruction crew’s location in Berlin, but when push came to shove and a few hackers from two continents came together at two in the morning magic started happening, and who was to mess with destiny?

With soldering guns in hand and three members of different hackerspaces (Astera of Metalab.at, Ash of Hacdc.org, and Jeedi of c-base.org) leading the charge plans started to take shape. A double dead man switch,  with a bank of 16 Ethernet ports broken down to two 8 port jacks with 5 blocked off for disuse and 1 for power allowing for 40 individual rockets to be fired. When wired correctly you could either kill a bank of Ethernet switch right quick or as for the intended purposes set off a salvo of fireworks.

Hackerspaces.org staffers have preliminary agreements to turn the Flashy-Ammunition-Ignition-Lighter-over-Ethernet (FAILoE)  intellectual property over to a certain sillicon valley network hardware provider. All the proceeds will be donated to charities that benefit destitute arms manufacturers.

After the work was done it looked like this:


As of schematics:


And for the action shot:


Welcome to the New Year hackerspaces.org folks!

of the hackerspaces.org team.

All pictures by Ash Gokhale and Dan Kaminsky.