But Will It Blend!?!?

Eric Michaud | Posted 2009.01.22 at 4:07 am | Perma

In my travels around the globe and the tubes I see interesting and entertaining things such as Will It Blend?

Today I got interesting news from an area I didn’t think had any left.  So I get an e-mail out of the blue with people local to me that are as interested in hackerspaces as much as  I am, but they don’t know they even exist until now!

Allow me to introduce the BlueServ Team; A group of  Chicago  high school students with a penchant for remote control and home automation. For those that need complete control in your life when you either need to blend an iPhone on demand, or make a really good smoothie but remotely your all set.

I was equally surprised that they haven’t heard of Roboexotica.  I wouldn’t hold it against them though, they are in the US and are under 21. To conclude, I foresee some fierce competition coming from the Midwest in the next few years pertaining to the international cocktail robotics circuit and back ally gin joint cocktail fights.


I’ll be listing code and plans as they come in.