A Message From The Shadow Government Prime Minister of PS:One

Eric Michaud | Posted 2009.01.14 at 11:47 pm | Perma

*cough* What I meant to say was that Paul Mantz, the soon to be Vice President of Chicago based Pumping Station: One today wrote a wonderful blog post detailing the events surrounding the start and current status of PS: One.

An excerpt:

Since Eric, myself, and a few others started drumming up interest, we’ve come along way.  We drummed up an excellent name from a friend of mine at Verecundia; Pumping Station: One.  We’ve started to visit other similar groups, and look at now defunct groups (Dorkbot Chicago, I’m looking at you), garnishing interest.  Things started to take shape, and here we are.  Our evangelistic efforts have now placed our pledged initial membership  group to over 20 people.  This is not far from the target sustainability level necessary to keep the place afloat by membership fees.  We’ve registered as a non-profit organization in Illinois and gotten our IRS numbers in order.  We’re investigating spaces and soon we’ll have our financials set up, collecting membership dues, and vote on our bylaws.  And most importantly, we’re learning & creating.  In essence, we’re not far from having a grass-roots, non-profit, self-sustaining art & technology collective in the span of six months.

I invite anyone in the Chicago area, or anyone who may be passing through, to follow the progress of  Pumping Station: One.  We’ve got a lot planned, and we’re always looking for new members to contribute ideas.

For the original post.

From our last meeting.


Photo by -E.

In the next week we’ll be signing in our bylaws, having our first elections, taking our first membership dues, with  $2400 already coming in as donations to bootstrap the space. All in all it’s looking pretty good. Hope this is a inspiration to many others.


Editors Note: I am one of the founding members of the group.